26 March, 2011

All the Angers bus-stops will be replaced in the months to come

The removal of the old bus stops
All the bus-stops of Angers city will be replaced within the months to come by the JCDecaux company. The work has begun this week and should end in september. Three technical teams, two from Paris and one from Nantes will do the job in the period including saturdays. The change concerns all the urban furnitures of the bus- stops : the shelters and the billboards located nearby. 

Installed more than ten years ago, the urban furnitures paled into insignificance beside the stations along the line Avrillé-La Roseraie of the new Angers streetcar. Their design and their location just a little bit higher and safer than those of the bus may have inspired the look of the new bus-stops which will take place now all over Angers. The same company was entrusted to implement the new "VéloCité+" in front of the Saint-Laud railway station.

This change is linked to the allocation of the contract of  supply of  urban furnitures signed by JCDecaux  and Angers city in 2010 for a 15 years period. This deal represents more than 300 bus-stops, 150 urban furnitures for information and more than 900 ads locations. The furnitures have been designed by two famous architects, the British lord Norman Forster and the Australian Philip Cox. 

JCDecaux Group , a French multinational corporation, is the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world.The company was founded in 1964 in Lyon by Jean-Claude Decaux. Over the years it has expanded aggressively, partly through acquisitions of smaller advertising companies in several countries. It currently operates in more than 54 countries, 165 airports and has approximately 8 900 employees; its advertising reaches 175 millions people every day.

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