15 March, 2011

Former Japanese students of Angers describe cuts of electricity ans shortages in stores

While the crises seems to worsen in Japan, the native students of this country who came in Angers during the last years, and even the last days, sent today new messages about their situation to their former hostess, Emma, who lives in Angers. It seems some people don't realize what is going on in their country.

For exemple, Rei, who now works in a hospital in Yokohama, describes "people coming for their medical periodical tests" while the health authority should be busy with emergency cases! But in that city, "electricity will be cut on monday and the superstores are closing sooner than usually".

Another student, herself in Angers a few days ago, wrote "the confusion is going away". But one of her friends, Mali, just arrived in Japan, realized immediately, something was going badly almost in the Norht of Japan, "there, it's very serious". Nevertheless, most of them say "Don't worry".

During that historical period for Japan, some Angers website dedicated articles to the danger of nuclear facilities for French people. It looks like if the disaster occured in France...

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