11 March, 2011

The Angers Maine banks reconquest on stream

The three teams of architects still pre-selected by town hall to imagine the reconquest of Maine banks were invited on march 3 for a boat-ride along Angers. After a first discovery by walking, the architects were able to discover the city from the water and "with a point of view very different", as pointed out Christophe Lesort, head of the project "Maine banks" at town hall.
The movie recorded during that sunny day lets appear another huge difference between urban and natural places. From the Maine, the city is only a deafening and permanent roar while a hundred meters, in upstream or downstream, "the birds can be heard as the wind in the trees or the lappings of the boat slipping on the water", remarks Fin Geipel.The task of the architects, to promote the appropriation of the Maine banks by the inhabitants, will not be easy. "The boat-ride let see the continuity of the banks some are accessible, others aren't", says François Grether.
Credit Wikipedia

One of the main challenges of the teams will be to overcome the present uses the Maine suffers, foresees Claire Shorter : "There are big strains". What will the next step? Angers from the sky?

Edgar Girondin

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