22 March, 2011

New quakes still disrupt daily life of former Japanese students of Angers

The Japan crisis starts to find an echo in Angers. Japanese students at the Western Catholic University as well as  Angevins linving in Japan (or Japanese citizen living in Angers) express themselves about the consequences of the quake in Japan. The students decided to show they are worried with what is going on in their country. They realized origamis (traditional artistic foldings of paper) in order to collect funds for the victims of the catastrophy there. 

In mails, former Japanese students at the "Catho" tell they resume their daily life little by little. The post office is working but the public transportation network is still very disrupted. People want to go back to work because it's necessary for the economy and, apparently, because a busy agenda helps them to overcome the shock they endure for weeks. "We go back to work on tomorrow and I hope there is a lot of things to do", write one of them.

Another students told his former host family in Angers he was to restaurants with relatives because " we needed to take our minds off things". But, during the dinner on saturday, they felt a big quake...

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