20 March, 2011

Risks of accidents are blooming in Angers down town with spring

With the end of a three years work in Angers for the first streetcar line, down town looks to reborn. But the "long urban winter", the city experimented is now ending and that feeling of renewal is reinforced with the longer days, the mild temperatures and  the blooming of trees which predict the very soon arrival of spring in Angers. 

But some urban inconveniences may come with the new season. For example, along the Foch boulevard, magniolias are covered of white flowers which, one by one, "In their last journey downward from the bough" are falling on the ground "With all the wayward grace of careless flight!"(1). But those delicate petals are dangerous. Their decomposition are covering the Chinese granite pavement of the Foch boulevard with a soapy thin layer on which many persons could fall. On friday morning, a municipal sprinkler lorry was cleaning the place to prevent injuries. On the following days, all had to be done again. 

If that risk will be eliminated after the end of the blooming, the security of pedestrians (and especially the safety of senior pedestrians who are numerous in down town Angers) could deserve more attention from the city.

(1) excerpt Cyrano de Bergerac Scene 5.V.

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