21 March, 2011

Musical channel bridge between past and present time

In some circumstances, a distant past can collide with the present modernity. On march 20, in the evening, it was the case under the Basse-Chaîne bridge where three youngs played hunting horn in the immediate vicinity of the roaring concert of the motorway traffic. At first glance, no place could be more inappropriate, but "Here we don't disturb anybody", said one of the musicians, enthusiast with hunting horn as well as venery. "Would you stand our training if we were in a flat?", he asked.

Moreover, "The sight here is nice", added another pointing at the Savatte bank and the outline of the Doutre district which stood out of the pale blue of the evening sky. They were right, surely for the tune. The vault of the bridge amplifying the power of the instruments, their rehearsal was audible from the hill located in the middle of the Balzac park, on the right bank of the Maine, but no from the bridge itself, nor the pavement of the motorway just higher!

At that period of the year, that part of the bank is not flooded anymore by the river and small stairs give a narrow access to that disinherited place of the town. But what is a desinherited location for someone (a homeless built his shelter under green tarp a few meters from the trio) can be at the same time privilegied places for others. It was odd instantaneously leaving a past and countryside atmosphere and returning to the present and urban civilization.

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