23 March, 2011

The Angers "Participation Day" and the cantonal election first round : new ways of citizenship could be necessary

News analysis. - The results of the first ballot of cantonal elections last march 20 in Angers city appear to be very different of the "citizen involvment" noticed at the "Participation Day" which took place just a month before in town. The rate of participation in the cantons of Angers Trélazé, South-Angers and West-Angers are low 42, 37 and 37%. Many explanations have been put forward to explain that situation. 

Desillusion, absence of meaning of the canton in a urban place could be explanations but the practical details of vote  - completely archaic (people must go to a polling station because they can't vote by internet or through cash dispensers available all over the country) - could generate that massive abstention. But there is also the fact the citizen becomes more and more a consumer.

The Angers "Participation Day" could reflect, in that perspective, the wish of the people to be consulted on practical and local reasons (for example, the place of the bike in town, the project of banks reconquest and so...) and not only on national ballots which the stakes are distants from their daily life. In that way, Angers city could seize the opportunity to organize local elections regarding local issues at the same moment of institutional elections. That could raise the participation on these days!

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