02 March, 2011

Saint-Jean-de-la Barre college in Angers launches theatrical classes in English

Would some schoolboys and schoolsgirls of Angers be eager to speak English more fluently? These teenagers of the Saint-Jean-de-la-Barre private college, located in the Belle-Beille district, had yet since 2005, an option called "English+". In order to improve their tone, their stress, their accent, they invited Suzy Taylor, an English speaking actress of the VO company who hands out classes of theater in many schools in Western France.
Credit : Saint-Jean-de-la-Barre college
 That kind of classes could be much more interactive between teacher and pupils. On the basis of a theme, schoolgirls and schoolboys imagine a script in English, they play after. Thanks to that involvment in a theatrical play and their natural skills, the pupils take profit of their active stance. The vocabulary fits to their level and the play is understood by everyone. The pupils commentaries (written in French on the website of the college!) are meaningful : "it helped me to modulate my voice", or "it warmed up the most shy of us".

In the same college, younger pupils go to talking workshops which are run by... American students of the Cidef (Western Catholic University). More than ever in Saint-Jean-de-la-Barre, English is taught as a living language.

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