03 March, 2011

The Angers Sco in the scoops

Supporters of the Sco erupted in joy on march 2nd after the Angers soccer club won its ticket for the semi-final of the France soccer cup over Chambery. In the cold evening of that winter, that victory will warm up all its fans who fear the worst for the Sco : a relegation in a lower national soccer division due to the case planned for the first days of april. Its a curious contrast : the Sco get at the same time the titles for misuses of funds and and victory on the field. The is near the abyss and the stars.

If the Sco is at risks on april 8th, day of the trial of his chairman, Willy Bernard, for irregularities in his financial manangement of the club, the municipal council and especially its majority runs big risks. After a public debate on monday at town hall, the city council annouced that a buyer for the club is needed, what it shows the majority has already ousted Willy Bernard. If, finally, the court gives right to the chairman of the Sco, the majority of the municipal council will suffer a terrible blow.

Credit pictures : Wikipedia and Angers Town Hall
If it is not the case, the court could nevertheless point out the breach of city council in its monitoring of the Sco and the star of the Bar Willy Bernard has recruited will not miss that point. On that field too, the final game is not already played out.

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