09 March, 2011

The Angers Arboretum gardens cultivate charm and distinction

A walk through the Arboretum gardens on a sunny sunday morning is at the same time a travel in nature, silence and past. As soon as the street at the entrance of the park has been left behind, the first surprise of the visitor is the silence. An impression of dignity drops from the old oaks which line the road leading at the center of the Arboretum. Benches welcome visitors wishing to see the top of the branches to lost in the blue sky.

A hundred meters after the entrance gate is a charming house surrounded by a refined garden full of the blue and yellow colours of the pansies. Dispersed statues give to the place a touch of solemnity. Turning around the house leads the visitor from shadow to light. On the Southern side a more formal garden takes place. Little vegetables walls divides the gardens in rooms each of them having its own spirit. Even geometrically planted trees highlight a simple lawn on the center and boxwood hedges diffuse their subtle smell of the past.

But it along a few paths that the moste beautiful part of the garden are located. Gardeners of Angers city digged thousands of bulbs (narcissus, tulips, hyancinth) which will bloom in the days to come. A symphonie of fragances and colors will make that garden more charming.

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