01 March, 2011

And now the "Afterworks" in Angers

Angers Afterwork, nouveau concept de rencontres sur Angers
Credit picture : Angers Afterwork
There are new "Afters" . We knew the old "Afters". For example, some pubs or bars located in down town Angers organized a few years ago, on no working days, openings hours at dawn. That was called the "Afters" and the customers came there after a night in a night-club and left the bars when sun rose. In bad shape and in good company... But now there are new "Afters" : the "Afterwork" and one is underway in Angers city.

The "Afterwork" (in French in the original text...) is a Anglo-Saxon set phrase recently taken up in France for pre-dinner drinks drunk more often when fair-weather days and after working days. Afterworks take place on terraza, at bars of luxury hotels, and even at home.

Credit : parisetudiant.com
"Angers Afterwork" is a way for students, employees or managers coming from all economical sectors to meet other persons and to promote professionnal exchanges. A website registers all interest persons and will send them news regarding the places and the schedules of the meetings. "Afterwork" is free. Nothing is said about the language used during "Afterworks"...

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