28 March, 2011

Angers VéloCité+ : bikes without bikers

If a week is a too short period to estimate the success or the failure of the new VéloCité+, the presence of all the new 48 bikes Angers city has set up in front of the Angers Saint-Laud railway station is not precisely the indication of a success. Of course, that march 27 was rainy and so was not a very convenient day for riding bicycle. But, on the opposite, that days was not a working day.

If tourists or inhabitants do not use bike, how people arriving in Angers and dressed for professionnal purposes would do so? The problem is double. First, it is not very convenieent to rent the bike in a place and to have to get it back at the same location. Secondly, the tariffes of renting for non residents look - for the period during which renting is possible : a day or a week - quite expensive face to those enforceable to Angers residents (from 2 to 10 euros per day plus a fee to access from one to 30 euros). Those are free for longer periods (up to a year)!

That of course may change in days or weeks to come (and it is desirable that things go that way), but in cities where the same rental service of bikes is available, there are numerous locations to get the cycles back. Moreover, it is not sure that other cities have two rental tariffes. These points could have to be seen closely.

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