18 March, 2011

The Saint-Patrick Day gathered hundreds of people last evening in Angers

A national irish celebration is winning over Angers. The James Joyce pub attracted on march 17, hundreds of young men and women who gathered to celebrate the Saint-Patrick Day. The pub was crowded as well as the tables outside the café and the pavement a little bit higher and lower. On the way dedicated for public transports, there was no room for buses and taxis.

A lively atmosphere prevailed under the dodgers in the front side of the James Joyce where beer flowed among people talking cheerfully and taking pictures of the event. Some of them had made up their faces to the appropriate color : the green of Ireland; others wore green and black opera hats. Only the music wasn't tipically Irish. All the drivers stopped to watch that happy party, discreetly monitored by police and civil defense ready to grant assistance. Apparently, the others English or Irish pubs in Angers didn't gathered so much people.

The Saint-Patrick Day is observed on 493 March 17, date of Saint-Patrick death, now celebrated both inside and outside Ireland.

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