05 March, 2011

The daily misconduct of Angers drivers

 The limited access of cars to Angers down town could have an advantage : to prevent bad educated drivers of throwing out of theirs beloved cars cigarette buts, papers, chewing gum and so. And all do the same, whatever they are, young, adult, or senior, man or woman and what may be the standing of the vehicle. What is the most surprising in such behaviour is the fact those persons would not probably do the same at home (and, in additon, all cars are equipped with ashtrays).

Credit : fotosearch
A few days ago, municipal gardeners were setting in order the clumps, pruning the trees, digging the ground for the arrival of spring. That is nervertheless a difficult task in spite of the equipment they use and the number they are. A few days after the their job is finished, all the beds are lotted, not with flowers but with buts! It is surprising the city doesn't protest about that.

But sometimes there is worse. People smoke in their cars with their kids sat behind which breath the same polluted air. How can drivers claim they think much of the environmental issues and, at the same time, think nothing of the consequences of their daily misconduct?

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