01 April, 2011

Japanese students formerly in Angers try to cope with the effects of tsunami, quake and radioactivity

According to recent mails they sent to their host family in Angers, the Japanese students who stayed in that city this year or a few years ago are adapting themselves to daily conditions of life after tsunami, quakes and atomic leaks in nuclear facility. One of them, Ryutaro, told he went to a bar "where atmosphere was not very lighted because stores in Tokyo are saving electricity". But quakes made a lot of damages. A young girl, Aï, wrote she had to go at her grand mother home "which has been destroyed, in order to recover some furnitures".

In many places in Japan, people collect money, so Rina, who recently stayed in Angers for a few weeks, do it too. "Many countries as France help Japan. We thank them very much", she says. Much of them were sensitive to the ceremony which took place in the Université catholique de l'Ouest because "it strenghened us face to the victims of the catastrophy", wrote Tomomi who, in spite of all that disaster, didn't forget the birthday of a lady she lived with in Angers.
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But some of them talk about radioactivity. "In Tokyo, there was a little panic. A radioactivity has been detected. It is not serious according to the government, but it's a little bit shocking nevertheless. Medias tell Japan is buying a lot of water to France. We trust France". For Yayoï, "We learn a lot of things after the catastrophy".  

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