30 March, 2011

From the illness of the works to the beardless normality

Jean-Claude Antonini, mayor of Angers, came back to a meeting of the town council on march 28 after two months of illness. But, he came back without his beard. Since he entered in local policy, almost 25 years ago, Jean-Claude Antonini was beardless. His choice to have a bearded face appeared with the beginning of an important period for himself and the city : the work of the first tramway line.

May be that choice to wear beard is not conscious. May be he choose to keep his beard on the advice of a communication agency. During months, the city and its mayor went through an unusual esthetic situation. And may both of them resented badly that period. Voluntarily or not, Mr. Antonini and the town "faced" the same difficulty : to live in spite of unusual conditions. Did the mayor want to compensate the burden of Angers by suffering himself?

But the result is the same : Jean-Claude Antonini and the city are ressuscitating after a difficult work on their own "bodies". Within a few weeks, Angers will have recovered its face and normality. Let us hope it's the same for the mayor.

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