10 March, 2011

Les Arthurs : "march" on Feydeau

Les Arthurs co. (credit : Avrillé city)
Les Arthurs, a theater company famous in Angers, will perform, from march to april, the Georges Feydau's play "Feu la mère de Madame".  Three places will host the shom : the Georges Brassens center (Avrillé), on march 18 and 19 (at 9 pm), the Théâtre de l'avant-scène (Trélazé), on march 25th and 26th (8.45 pm) and the Angers' Théâtre de Chanzy, on april 2nd (8.30 pm). The bookings are already opened.

G. Feydeau (credit wiki)
"Feu la mère de Madame" tells the story of a mistake. Lucien and his wife are in bed and a manservant rings at the door in the middle of the night. The messenger says the lady's mother is dead. While the family has to wake up in order to visit the deceased, Lucien and his wife are told the messenger knocked at the wrong door : it's the neighbour's mother who is died...

Les Arthurs company was set up in 1990 and performs at the La Comédie, a little theater located ner the Ralliement square, many comedies from French authors and among them Feydeau, Francis Veber, Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui as well as foreign like Woody Allen.

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