29 March, 2011

Troubling coincidences in Angers medias

There are only coincidences but some coincidences are sometimes meaningful of changes. A few days ago, a new tabloïd arrived in Angers while another withdrawed discreetly from its central editorial office, at Ralliement square. 20 minutes, a free daily newspaper, edited in more than 12 cities all over France, arrived last week in Angers, heralded with sellers dressed in blue, while Le Courrier de l'Ouest closed the doors of its urban newsroom located at the very center of town. 

Two large banners were hung during months at the windows of that local newspaper offices at Ralliement square to protest against their shutdown (They have been transfered in the building of the newspaper in the Maulévries district). So the Angers theater, which was formerly circled by two companies editing facts about the real "human comedy" is now alone. Ouest-France on its left and Le Courrier de l'Ouest on its right (as in politics) let room to a restaurant and a health club, as examples of the new centers of interest people have today.

On the liveless front side of the building where Le Courrier had its offices (travel agency, editorial offices and advertising agency), pedestrians can now hardly see the shadow of the letters newspaper title, pale reflection of its former visibility from the core of Angers city.

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