08 March, 2011

Cancelled in 2009, the Angers new urban local project will have to pay attention in consulting inhabitants

Within a couple of weeks, the process due to lead to a new urban local project will be re-opened by Angers Loire Metropole. On march 24th, the local authority will first define how the forms of a dialogue between the local authority and the inhabitants. Conferences on housing and environment will take place on spring and will be an opportunity for the Angevins to say how they see their city in the future.

In order to facilitate the understanding of all the process and what is at stake, Angers plans to set up walks designed to illustrate on a realistic mood how the city is organized. That would be useful because numerous documents intervene in different aspects of the process. Moreover, the meetings between town councillors and inhabitants illustrate how it's difficult to conciliate the public wishes and the public rules.

If everything goes right, the new urban local project is due to be completed in june next year. The elected representatives of Angers and the cities around wil have to pay attention to the respect of urban rules. In april 2009, a first urban local project had been cancelled by the administrative court and all the process had to start all over again. The court had pointed out insufficiencies in consulting inhabitants.

Edgar Girondin

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