25 March, 2011

"Celebration day" with the ONPL at Angers Congress Center

"Celebration day". The title of the musical evening planned on march 24 by the Pays de la Loire National Orchestra was in harmony with the first true sunny and mild day of the new season. A numerous assistance was in the congress center to listen to pieces illustrating that period of the year which see the arrival of spring.
The interpretation of the fifth symphony "Reformation" of Felix Mendelssohn (a key document of Lutheranism and a momentous event of the protestant reformation) conducted by Pascal Rophé, got a long applause and has had its third movement be re-played.  Just before, the solist David Grimal played the violin Schumann concerto (instead of the Max Bruch concerto cancelled at the last moment of an unknown reason). 

The Schuman work is his only violin concerto and one of his last significant compositions. It remained unknown to all but a very small circle for more than 80 years after it was written. And Grimal interpreted it to the great pleasure of the public which told him to play encore two works of Bach. And the concert had started with a opening symphony, by Beethoven,  "For a celebration day", the musical theme was first designed to fit with the "Ode to joy".

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