19 March, 2011

An born American curator at Angers castle faces a monumental task

The Angers castle will now be directed by a curator native of... USA. Patricia Corbett, who acquired French nationality, will manage the King René castle for the years to come. Arriving from Carcassonne where she increased the number of visitors as well as the revenues of the monument, will have a lot of work to do.

Badly damaged by a accidental fire in 2009, the Royal Home at the center of the castle could be the symbol of what to do : to restore the attraction of the place. Everything has to be reconsidered. For example, the entrance of the Apocalypse tapestries museum is dedicated to sales of souvenirs. It means that a tourist who want to buy a souvenir of the castle and its contents has to pay a ticket. The visitor has to pay for buying... A show room located outside the castle could attract people to visit the monument. Moreover, the scale down model of the castle in its ugly room : a monumental disaster.

And, just before the Apocalypse museum, there is a huge hall, open air, with  windows opening in the vacuum, and ground devastated by archeological research the French state starts 20 years ago and never finished...  Mrs Corbett should to shake its administration to finish the job. The true "apocalypse" is not where it is indicated. Good luck!  

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