17 March, 2011

The nuclear crisis worries former Japanese students in Angers who see friends departures

The nuclear crisis in Japan seems to worry the students who came in Angers a few years ago to improve their fluency in French. In several e-mails they sent on march 16th to their former hostess in that city, they report their concerns regarding the gravity of the situation at Fukushima nuclear facility.

"Now, we are very worried about the nuclear power station at Fukushima although tv says it has no influence on individuals", write Yayoï, a young woman who, at the moment of the first quate was at her office at the 19th floor of a tower in Tokyo down town. "We pray the skies to calm down", she ads. Tokyo inhabitants can't forget Fuskushima because "there are several electricity cuts every day in order to insure power the the nuclear station".

In some other sectors, the working is resuming with difficulty. It's the case in the transportation sector : some trains are operating, others not. Some moments are difficult : "Many foreign people go back to their country. A French friend has already gone". And in spite, or because of, "phone cuts, transports problems or regular quakes every 30 mn, we think of you", says Sayaka who adds ' "all day long".

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