07 March, 2011

Street fishing and geocaching are leisures in "progressive form" at Angers

Two new leisures have been promoted in an Angers local internet news website during the last months. Both clearly are based on English catchwords which make them more "trendy" and attractive to people. The last one is called "geocaching" and is a more technological form of the old treasure hunt. Like in that one, a treasure has been hidden but, this time, its geographical position have been indicated on a website. The geoseeker takes note of that and, thanks to an application programm (one which can be loaded on an iphone), attemps to find it. Several treasures have been yet hidden in the surroundings of Angers.

The second is the "street fishing" which has held its first edition in Angers last october, not in the streets, but in the Maine river. If the accessories are the same as in usual fishing, and if, in addition, the goal is to catch the more fishes possible thanks to lures, the fate of the catched fishes are more enviable because they come back to water after they have been taken in photography! The masterword is "no kill". By that way, the promotors of street fishing tries to sensibilize the public to the protection of halieutic environment.

Would these two activities be as attractive under a French title? Are they the only ones which "sounds" English? Certainly not. In very recent times, professional leisures englicized appeared in Angers like "Afterworks". And the local authorities choose to develop tourism in Angers under a new "Anjou Loire Valley".

Edgar Girondin

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