14 March, 2011

Former Japanese students in Angers face difficulties in their daily life

Credit Wikipedia
In the middle of the worst crisis their country is facing since the end of the second world war, Japanese students formerly at the Western Catholic University still give by mails and phone to the family who hosted them in Angers informations about their daily life. After the quake which destroyed part of Japan, the inhabitants seem to organize their new rythm of existence.

A student, Yayoiï, says she didn't have to work today : "The company ordered to members of its staff who had no train to stay home". If to go to work is possible, the way back is not sure, so people don't move. That is the same for pupils. "School of my district (in Tokyo) is close this morning", she says. But the shortages of energy are about to come. The young woman had to go to stores to buy some batteries because electricity is cut several times a day : "We shall have dinner without light".

Another student, Ryutaro, wrote it couldn't watch tv, no because energy is lacking, but because the news are too sad : "The landscapes are destroyed and people homeless". Some of the superstores "are empty. Fortunately, we have food at home and are able to communicate with you".


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