28 February, 2011

Angers becomes anglicized

"English is now part of the Anjou cultural landscape", wrote in its edition of february 24th the weekly tabloïd La Tribune d'Angers, in an article about the interest inhabitants have to practise foreign languages. Two of them are becoming "incontrovertible" Chinese and English. "The Angevins don't anymore stand back from English like a few years before. They tend to make the Obama's sentence "Yes we can" theirs", precise to La Tribune d'Angers, Phoebe Marshall-Raimbeau, manager of the English Library in Angers with 1 600 members, a figure which doubled in 15 years.

This interest comes mainly from students. In the field of humanities, the courses of Applied Foreign Langagues studies attract most of the holders of French baccalaureate and they constitute on third of the members of the English Library in Angers, before adults who wish to resume English or English speaking people who have setteld in Western France and have been attracted by the collection of the authority. But about 120 children have been registered at the English Library and classes of English have been multipicated in the villages around Angers.

According to the tabloïd, numerous private companies teach English in Angers (The Wall Street Institute, Ecolangues, L'Autre Ecole, Access Langues, Langues Passion, The English Center of Angers) or public like the Angers Municipal Institute, and more recently, Saint-Edward University or the tea shop My Favourite Place.

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