01 September, 2013

The students' sign to Angers

One of the most obvious indication that summer holidays are over and activity is going to resume is the presence in Angers streets on Sunday of  numerous cars and vans unloading beds, desks, shelves, personal computers, lamps, cardboard boxes full of blankets or clothes. Are removal companies working on Sundays? 

No, the removal men and women, of all ages and conditions, were so busy that day because the following morning is the begining of a year year for students. While the city pavements are abandoned by cars on Sundays, on September 1st, it was possible, from place to place, to watch the efforts deployed sometimes with difficulty by no professional removal employees. It is not an easy task to unload a scooter from a people carrier and to make it wheel on a thin board, especially when only two persons are at the manoeuver... The move of a student furnitures is not a familiar work for a retired veterinary surgeon who can only rely on the help of his grand-daughter who comes to Angers to study classic dance.

The number of panels indicating "to rent" were perhaps a little bit less numerous in town on that weekend thanks to the students'arrival. Their quick going and coming from the cars to the apartments allow tthe pedestrian to find out places it was impossible to imagine they could be rent, like that tiny attic room Sainte-Croix square from where the smoke of a cigarette is escaping. Probably a student who enjoys a moment of rest after such a busy day and just before the dive in the books...

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