10 September, 2013

Angers, at the 1st rank of the medium size cities class in higher education

The good news recently announced to Angers university by the minister of Higher Education and Research have just been justified by a ranking of the monthly L'Etudiant whose a survey points out the city is a favourable environment for students. After the French government decided to enforce the number of possible recruitments of the university in the years to come, L'Etudiant has just up-graded the position of Angers in the rating of  towns hosting students. Among all cities, regardless of their size, Angers is now 17th and has won two ranks. But, inside the medium size cities category, Angers is 2nd.

Credit : Angers University
The analysis of the magazine is detailed in different topics which let see where are the strengths and the weaknesses of Angers. According to L'Etudiant, Angers is, among the medium size city, the best choice to do for ... studies. The town is number 1 and this is not a surprise given the high proportion of students getting their licence in three years. Angers is also the best place for sports what is, especially interesting if students are under pressure to carry out their studies without additional years. L'Etudiant, in spite of the fact Angers is in the middle of the "class" in the environment field, praises the "original choice" the city made in the renting of bikes.  Angers is at the 5th position (but in progress) for the possibilities of outings.

But the survey also gives some indications in fields where Angers could do better : culture, but above all accomodations, tranports and international standing. Regarding the transports, the second line of tramway which could cross the Beille-Beille campus, should be an answer to what L'Etudiant has noticed but that one will not be implemented before years. A little bit curious is the appraisal of Angers for accomodations because the real-estate market is not characterized by a tension and high rents. on the other hand, it is not surprising Angers is not (yet) well classified for its fame abroad. This will need more time than five universitarian years. In 2012, about 20 000 students were registered in Angers.

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