31 August, 2013

The Accroche-coeurs 2013 : an implicit wish of "elsewhere"

Are the Angers inhabitants looking for new horizons? The theme of 2013 Accroche-coeurs may indicate it. If the summer holidays were rather sunny over Angers, the economic and social conditions of the september resumption are always critical because of the unemployment and the absence of recovery. So it is not surprising that, unconsciously, the organizers of the Accroche-coeurs and the Angers city hall decision-makers choose, for the annual event, the topic of the Atlantide.

The program published and the Angers city website gives to the reader the idea of a collective desire to go away, for another country, another way of life and, implicitly, another future. "The general consulate of Atlantide gives to everybody a atlante passport which grants the nationality, the rights and duties of all Atlantide citizens". That country, and the Accroche-coeurs will dedicate time for that, will have its constitution of which the Angers inhabitants will be the "founding fathers", like those who drafted the American constitution.

With the 2013 edition, the festival "ends" a world tour it started three years ago : toward the South , then the East, last year the North and now the West. Through that periscopic search, the Angers inhabitants look to dream of a better future. Who will dare to blame them for that?

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