28 September, 2013

Two days around games with the topic "Bread and Circuses"*

The games festival which planned to set up in Angers down town on September 28th and 29th with a new topic for the 14th edition of that event, cooking and love of good food, was thwarted by the weather on Saturday. Hopefully the "menu" included two main "meals" : the festival and the living room. The first was due to take place in the streets near Ralliement square. There, around 60 organisers should explain a hundred of games to visitors. Those games appeal all qualities : speed, reflection, stratgegy, construction, improvisation, spiel and are designed  for all ages. Because of the topic of that edition, some of the games were about food and cooking.

Hopefully a living room had been located in Curnonski Hall during the week end from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm and there a lot of board games will be explained with tourna-ments for experienced players. The two stores of Angers which cannot be circumvented in games field, La Luciole and Sortilèges, were able to exhibit the last innovations in board games. In spite of rainy conditions, persons interested by board games discovered those under the flaps of stores but most of the open air stands had been cleared off. Previous editions of that event met no problems with the rain. The next one should choose a theme about the weather.

* in latin : "Panem and circenses"

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