02 September, 2013

The Maine reconquest scheme introduces itself in the next Angers Heritage Days

The next Heritage Days, planned on September 14th and 15th, will be used by Angers city to push forward once again its project about the Maine banks reconquest. Two new topics dedicated to the river appear in the program of that event : the inland water shipping on the Maine and  a ride along the river. These animations may give to the Angevins an idea about the appearance and the interest the river will have for them, once re-designed the banks.

But that integration above all indicates the importance the city council grants to such a project which, if implemented, will surely change the face of the Maine and the look the Angevins have on it. The city council dedicated an evening to the banks of Maine issue last June which was, here and there, questioned by the audience regarding specifically its consequences on the traffic. But the project is not limited to the Maine and entails a lot of change in the urbanism in the river area.

The main candidates to the office of Angers mayor do not share the same opinion about what to do and how to do it. So the Maine bank reconquest scheme should be, at least during the municipal campaign, an issue of debate, and even of split, between Angevins what could be their political leaning. More than even, the reconquest of the Maine depends on the reconquest of the minds.

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