26 September, 2013

Prohibited by the prefect, supporters of La manif pour tous demonstrated face to members of government and parliament

In spite of the prohibition decided by the Maine-et-Loire prefect, one hundred Angers inhabitants gathered around 6.00 pm in front of the Saint-Laud railway station for a demonstration against the assisted reproductive technology ("procréation maternelle assistée").

These, with adhesive white and red tapes on their mouths, some of them wrapped in the French flag, reminded to the ecologist members of government and parliament present in Angers for a seminar of their party, they were not decided to give up their opposition to the "Wedding for all" law. Indeed, that one, they believe, may make available the assisted reproductive technology to couples having the same gender.

If the French political men and women seen in front of the railway station just before their departure for Paris were whistled, nothing in the demonstraters' behaviour could explain why their presence was unwanted by the prefect. Old ladies with handbags and pearl collars, men of a respectable age and quiet youngs were really not a threat for the officials and the security forces dispatched on the place.

Given the law about the gene-ralization of the marriage to the two genders is now implemented, all opposition to that measure looks to be useless. But, on the other hand, the prohibition of such a gathering gave relevance to slogans supporters of "La manif pour tous" shouted : "No to the dictatorship". France has sometimes, face to civil movements, autocratic reactions.

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