09 September, 2013

The first video-verbalization devices due to be set up in Roë street in September

Within the next weeks, video-verbalization systems will be set up along Roë street. About six cameras will be operate along that way regularly used as a car park by numerous vehicles in spite of the local regulation. After a reflection was launched at the begining of the current year, the Angers municipal decision-makers have made up their mind in June. Informations will be distributed to Roë street residents and night club managers because the people who use that way as a car park facility are their customers.

According to Jean-Pierre Chauvelon, in charge of security at the city council, the system will first work during nights but could be extended to days if necessary. Cameras will take pictures of the number plate of the wrongdoers' car and those will later be fined.

The first reactions noticed on the web are rather negative. But the video surveillance could be a supplementary mean to prosecute authors of more serious offenses that are regularly recorded in Angers during nights and sometimes days. If persons parking, voluntarily of even by accident, their car on wrong places have to be prosecuted thanks to cameras, why serious offenders should not?

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