04 September, 2013

the new Angers Sco stadium should be forfeit at the next municipal campaign

In the months to come, many issues should b part of the electoral campaign for the 2014 municipal elections. But, there is one which could withdraw from the debate : the project of a new stadium for the soccer club Angers Sco. The local press of the city has recently reported that one of the companies of the Angers Sco chairman, Saïd Chabane, had been victim of the precarious health of the Le Mans soccer club, unable to refund the cost of its new stadium, the "MM Arena".

Le Mans, which believed in its capacity to play in the first League a few years ago, was desillusioned and, after a comme back in League 2, lacked the necessary revenues to refund its debt. The last campaign of 2008 for the Angers municipal elections saw one of the main candidates to appeal for a new stadium. The fact he finally didn't won the mayor office and the economic crisis ruined the hopes of the Angers Sco to get a new facility, due to take place at the Eastern side of the city.

Mr Chabane's company, which had a € 220 000 claim against the Le Mans soccer club, was led to closure and immediately liquidated. So that one should choose a more cautious stance that his predecessor regarding a new stadium project.

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