27 September, 2013

Campus Day : happy New (university) year !

Hundreds of students have answered to the offer of Angers university and its partners, to join the Campus Day, an event emphasizing the start of the school year 2013-2014 which took place on September 26th on the park of Belle-Beille. On the green area planted of trees between the different departments of the university, many animations have made possible a discovery or a re-discovery by Angers students of the environment in which they will work until next summer.

If games looked to attract most of students, many stands gave informations about the activities they could register in addition to their studies. The political concerns were not absent even if, that day, they didn't look to be the most attractive topic for the audience. The current debate about the servicing of the campus by the next (half) tramway line was not (yet?) a topic.

For Angers university, the scholar year starts with an important increase of the number of students. For the first time, they will exceed the threshold of 20 000 persons. In comparison with the previous year, the increase reaches 7%, versus less than 2% on a national scale. Such trends could be due to the favourable ranking of the Angers university for its rate of success in the licence three years course and on the recent reports about the quality of life for students in Angers published by French medias. About 10% of students are foreign and for the first time for years, the scientific departments recorded more people.

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