05 September, 2013

Nocturnal uproar : the city will have later to make itself heard by students

The girl, headset on the ears, is visibly overexcited by the music she is listening. Her eyes are closed and her mouth largely open because she is shouting a song. She holds in her arms a guitar which doesn't exist. But she may not hear the noise coming from her own voice because of her headset. She is alone on the poster what may indicate that nobody is disturbed by her behaviour.

That invitation to free concerts directed to students will surely catch their attention. The announce of Angers city is promising "a supercharged welcome" on September 26th to the Chabada hall with "Les Naïves New Beater" for all the Angers students and, as a bonus, one free ticcket for one ot the concertas planned in september for the first year students.

Such an initiative, which contributes to make the city more familiar for students may be understood by these like an invitation to have a ball in Angers, but not only at the Chabada. Many residents living in the city down town could understand differently such an idea given the fact themselves complain about the nocturnal uproar attributed to students. A situation Angers city itself has some difficulty to control all year long. But after all "Music has charms to soothe the savage breast"...

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