25 September, 2013

The Campus Day starts the university year

The Campus Day is a rendez-vous given by Angers university to its 20 000 students on September 26th  for the start of the 2013-2014 scholar year. Through the event, the organizers wish "to launch on a festive way" the 9 months leading to the annual exams. The gathering will take place on Belle-Beille campus at 11.00 am. and will end around 5.45 pm. Music, picnic, different activities and an "open challenge" between students will be the main components of the event.

Some of them look to be pure plays while others seem more intellectual. On one hand, Crazy'r'Ball (mix of soccer, volley and basket), a laser game in a labyrinth, sumo, space ball or elastic trampoline are some of activities available for fun. On  the other hand, a lot of stands set up by students communities about music, cinema or food will awake visitors interest for possible recruitments.

A more solemn touch will be brought by Jean-Paul Saint-André, president of the university, who recently got good news from the ministry of higher education about the means granted to his organization to fulfill its mission. The university which had experienced financial difficulties during the last year, looks to start the new year in a better shape while the Belle-Beille campus is at the centre of a conflict between Angers political circles regarding its servicing with down town thanks to a new tramway line.

The day will end with a free concert offered by Angers city in Le Chabada. It is not sure the hundreds of participants to the event will be able to work on the following morning...

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