12 September, 2013

Wigan-Angers relationship on a throne

The item looks a little bit strange at the entrance of the Toussaint Library. The doors of the facility, with their serious and modern design made of metal and glass, stands out with the rustic, ancient and mischievious aspect of a chair recently set up near flowerbeds and bushes. That chair doesn't come from Bamako but from...Wigan, the English city whose twinning with Angers celebrates in 2013 its 25th anniversary.

"Once upon a time" is written on the back among stars and patterns about nature. Frédéric Béatse, Angers mayor who received that gift from a Wigan delegation, sat in the chair, a little bit awkward by a royal and unusual posture he is visibly not used to.

That gift looks also symbolic. The Wigan and Angers relationships are now perfectly "settled down". It is likely that numerous lecturers of the Toussaint libray will now sit there between two books researches.

"Coutless people from Wigan Borough have benefited from our relationship with Angers, mainly through exchanges... From the council's point of view, this is a low-cost, value-for-money projects that brings cultural and social benefits to borough and we want to see it continue", wrote the leader of the Wigan council. in the city website. The twinning was established in July 1988.

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