05 September, 2013

With Angers Technopole, heritage comes from future

Within a few days, Angers inhabitants will have the opportunity to visit numerous monuments of their city and, through them, to go back to past and history. That news about the "Heritage Days" published by the Angers city website is followed by another one, smaller, but turned towards future. Angers Technopole, a non-profit making organization set up in 1986 to boost innovations, value and jobs, has launched its 13th  call for proposals.

These ones will be challenged in their economical and technical feasability. Then comes a new step through the construction of the project before another phase consisting in strategy and business plan. That one is itself followed by the search of partners and finances, the process being "over"... with the set up of the innovative company during an incubating period (until 18 months).

Some of the candidates of previous editions thereafter succeeded in the creation of their own companies (some of them do not have Angers sounding names : Bio Live Scale, Innov Extract or Tool Team Software...). All these young businessess will also have their own "Heritage Days" : the "Start-ups Heritage Days" on September 12, 13 and 14, just before the monuments event. In the minds of the Angers city, it seems there is no opposition between past and future : the picture used to announce the Heritage Days looks to have been done in 3D...

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