15 September, 2013

Pierre, "taxi-biker"

A new mode of transports has recently taken place in Angers. It is new from a technical aspect, but, above all, because of the atmosphere it drags behind him and on board. A taxi-bike is running throughout the city since the end of summer-break. Pierre is recently involved in that new business that will surely seduce a lot of Angers inhabitants and visitors, not only for the competitive cost of the fares (5 euros to go from down town to Saint-Nicolas park) but also for their charms.

Silently and smoothly, "the taxi-bike goes where cars can't go", points out Pierre whose vehicle looks especially suited for people wishing to rejoin down town quickly for business or leisure. In that last field, the new service gives to travellers a privilegied view on the urban landscape without that impression of confinement they may have, sat at the back of a cab, in the middle of traffic jams. Moreover, using Pierre's vehicle, they get "live" the sounds, the smells and the temperature of the places like a simple pedestrian.

And, in case of cold weather, Pierre plans to give to his customers the comfort of a heating blanket as
if they were passengers in a carriage. On that sunny and mild September 15th, when Heritage Day attracted people in town, Pierre drove his elegant taxi-cab along the Maine, leaving the bikers on their own lane and respectfully followed by cars. The little vehicle awakes pedestrians, bikers' and even car drivers' interest. These lasts should take care. While the speed limit has recently been lowered at 30 km per hour all over the city, Pierre could travel as fast as cars!


  1. Bravo Pierre, pour les 30 km/h dans la montée de la rue Beaudrière (1ère photo) !

  2. Super initiative, on y croit ! A la prochaine, au coin d'une rue...
    -la grande- Émilie (de Périgueux)