08 September, 2013

The Accroche-coeurs on the Maine hook the Angevins

The Accroche-coeurs have not only met the faithfulness of the Angevins but have also caught their attention to the interest of a reunification of the rivers around the Maine. The public was present in large numbers on the Savatte embankment and on the narrow area between the water and the wall of the speedway. The organizers of the event had planned a lot of animations like The "Guinguette-barge", "Angers plage", "Les passeurs de rives" and "Rives et dérives" : a "show-walk" along the Maine.

On Sunday evening, the audience has had an idea of what the Maine was a long time ago, a way of communication, and what it could become in the future, a link between the the two rivers. A plaform had been set up in the middle of the river and a little pontoon reminded the footbridge the architectural bureau in charge of the Maine reconquest plans to create in order to allow the crossing of the water by pedestrians.

Such hustle and bustle year after year around the city river will make difficult a dropping by any Angers mayor the architect's ideas that the current city council made its own. Few by few, the Accroche-coeurs and other events have instilled in Angevins' mind that the Maine has a potential which "flows like water".


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