13 September, 2013

Stores in stock

The young man is dumb-founded. The Orange store, located for year at the corner of Saint-Julien street and Foch boulevard, is closed. On Friday evening, other shops around are opened and welcome their first customers of the weekend. "How can that happen?", wonders the man who leaves the place after he tried to open the door in spite of the panels which indicate the commercial lease is free.

The site is probably among the most frequented of the town but has not (yet?) met its successor. The problem is other commercial sites around are also closed. Boisnet, Roë, Lices streets are some of the ways where iron curtains have been lowered, clear symbols of the economic conditions. In other cases, a simple letter on the shop front indicates the business has been interrupted for holidays "until September 2nd", more than ten days ago...

Some store owners have choosen to liquidate their business, and it's not always for retirement or a change of adress. And in some others, the discount period has not yet absorbed the summer items now for sale in the streets. The season is gone. A season or an age?

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