07 September, 2013

The Accroche-coeurs : festival-goers embark

The Angers inhabitants were faithfull to the yearly rendez vous of the Accroche-coeurs which, opened by the Angers mayor, Frédéric Béatse, from Ligny embankment on the evening of September 6th. At 7 pm, hundreds were already gathered for that event which lasts three days and whose topic is turned towards West and, specifically, towards Atlantide.

From a platform set up near the Ligny fountain,invited by Calixte de Nigremont, the conductor of that edition, Mr Béatse opened the Atlantide general consulate which thereafter granted the first passports to festival-goers. These will have free access on Saturday and Sundays to a lot of activities. And Friday night, Angers down town streets were already crowded by inhabitants of all ages.

The main point of interest of Saturday will take place on La Rochefoucauld square for a parade which is planned at 9 pm and whose theme is shells. The mayor said that one of the main wishes of the organizers of these Accroche-coeurs was to stimulate inhabitants participation. Unless storm warning, the Atlantide should attract a lot of travellers.

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