20 September, 2013

Jean-Luc Rotureau speaks in favor of changes in ways to do politics and in resources management

 Next to his candidacy to Angers mayor office in March 2014, Jean-Luc Rotureau, gives a hint, in his blog, about the  sources, the great lines, and the objectives of his platform. One of the origins of his proposals is the necessity of a reappraisal about the lower resources Angers has, and will have.  In his statement, the candidate warns that some projects will have to be reconsidered in their planning (the second tramway line) even in their principle (the new congress centre). 

 Given that " a lot of our fellow citizens feel that they foot the bill for things in which they have no responsability", Mr Rotureau promises that "Tax rates will not increase" during his administration. In his pledge, the candidate speaks in favor of "a new way to do politics", scratching the current majority : "In 2014, democracy must be stronger, even inside a municipal team. The management of a city with 150 000 inhabitants does not belong to a political party" betting that "clannish or classical  approach are now has been".

If the candidate has in mind the closure of some Angers flagship companies (Act, Technicolor), his vision of what he will do in economics is not (yet?) detailed. The top priority given to employment must be precised by the means Mr Rotureau will use. The development of "landscape and heritage assets" could not be sufficient.  But the platform "will be enriched by Angers citizens before the municipal ballot".

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