24 September, 2013

The Angers mayor's unofficial entrance in the electoral campaign

The communication takes an unusual way. Frédéric Béatse's candidacy to the Angers mayor office becomes few by few official. Several days ago, the Facebook page of Aimer Angers, the association of the city council majority, made public a logo quite similar to the one Mr Béatse uses on his blog. "Aimer Angers avec Frédéric Béatse" appeared in a pink text block. Today, the same Facebook page makes official that Rachel Capron, current deputy-mayor of down-town in charge of contemporary music events since 2006, has been choosen as Mr Béatse's campaign manager.

Frédéric Béatse
In a press release, Aimer Angers says that "in the weeks to come, it will suggest several actions which will mobilise the Angevins about the great stakes of the 2014-2020 project".  For the community, Mrs Capron points out that "We are going to meet Angevins citizens to talk about the future of our town. We also wish to stimulate them to register on the electoral roll because it's important that women and men may decide about choices which will be decisive for Angers tomorrow".

Rachel Capron
The method differs from the formal involvement of Frédéric Béatse's challengers (press conferences of Christophe Béchu, then Jean-Luc Rotureau) and has prevented them, until now, to criticize the current mayor's entrance in the campaign. The form has also two advantages. First of all, it makes appear Mr Béatse's commitment is more about a project than an office. Secondly, this one has not to make public his application to a charge he already assumes. That may lead Angevins to understand he is the natural mayor (Credit pictures: Aimer Angers Facebook page and Frédéric Béatse's blog).

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  1. Cette dame s'appelle Rachel capron et non Michelle Capron.