23 September, 2013

Noirmoutier, favorished by nature and favorite of Angevins

Because of its natural environment, its insular geography and its proximity from Angers, Noirmoutier is one of the most appreciated places of the Angevins inhabitants. The late mild weekend of September 21 and 22 was a opportunity to discover the peninsula through the foot and cycle paths which travel that flat landscape of dunes, pinewoods and salt marshes, a mix between Brittany and Nederlands.

It takes two hours to go there from Angers (in normal traffic conditions). So the city inhabitants may exchange the mildness of the Maine river to the sea sprays enlivened by the fragance of carnations. Because of its old villages with their church towers, the small white houses with their blue shutters and its old fashioned beaches where reigns the atmosphere of the past, Noirmoutier has a family look.

The island would even have a kind of Angevins' district. Those would prefer to stay in the Bois de la Chaise, a wooded part of the island where summer mansions are concealed among trees. That part of Noirmoutier has beaches with blue and white beach huts. The landscape looks to be unchanged since 50 years. Movie directors made no mistake about it. The second episode of "Le Petit Nicolas" is rolled. Soon, Angers cinemas will screen Noirmoutier.

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