21 September, 2013

With stable tax rates and higher costs, savings could be one of the Angers municipal election topics

A promise of Jean-Luc Rotureau regarding the stability of the tax rates during his office as Angers mayor, once elected, raises the core of an issue no candidate has talked about and, maybe, will not do so in the months to come. If everyone should be ok with such an idea, that one has a consequence because, if it is implemented, the resources of Angers town hall will not increase or, at worst, may decrease. But the expenses are likely to raise because the costs of workforce and equipment (eventually, the price of money) will do so.

Face to resources which will not evolve and expenses which will hike, the only way to overcome the problem is to lower some expenses. And here the difficulty starts. What will be those expenses? Operating expenses (staff, administrative costs, social policies)? Capital expenses (investments, facilities)? The candidate has already said that the congress centre will not be built and only half of the second line of the trolley will be implemented. But will that be sufficient? What about the ice skating, the Maine banks reconquest?

These cuts are not very popular, above all in an election year but on the same time, they can be understood by inhabitants who already complain they are overwhelmed by state taxes which will raise next year. One of the characteristics of the next campaign should be could be : where are the savings?

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