05 September, 2013

Terraces until mid-october authorized by town hall : (extra) "time is money"

Given the Angers inhabitants and tourists benefit of a summer extra-time, the streets will keep until mid-october an atmosphere of holidays : cafés terraces will stay opened for the greatest pleasure of customers, bar owners and... town hall. That one recently said that it had decided "exceptionaly" to break with the principle of the closing of terraces planned for the end of september. Maybe it was not too difficult to grant that.
Indeed, the owners of such terraces must pay fees to Angers city because these facilities are set up on the public domain. If this is not specifically unfair, because storekeepers of the Lafayette or Monplaisir open-air markets, or store owners whishing to set up billboard, have to pay taxes, it is clear the Angers town hal has interest to authorize that added time.

In a press release, Angers city indicates that "this is the third  successive time such a measure is implemented" what "should... grant to store owners a more favourable end of season". If these deserved that opportunity because the start of the  summer season was rather difficult and the customers generally spend less than before, the city doesn't loose money. Moreover, some customers and store owners may vote later...

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