11 September, 2013

The Angers retail store owners want to be "heard and seen" during the next municipal administration

The perspective of municipal elections does not only trigger reflections and decisions in the Angers political circles. It also stimulates ideas among local economic decision-makers. In a video (1) he sent to Angers Daily News on September 8th after the publication of the post "The electoral campaign between two platforms", Fabrice Rebours, president of the Groupement d'entente du commerce (Gec) makes official his choice to rally the current city council minority. "If you want to be seen and heard, you have to be involved, so that is what I will do", says Mr Rebours.

Credit Pictures : Angers city
If that one got some satisfactions from the current majority ("the cleanliness of the town" and "the historial authorization granted by town hall to let the retail stores to open two Sundays before Christmas"), some disappointments and wishes lead him to enter in politics. Through the Gec, the Angers stores owners express future demands like the right to open on Sundays "because customers, wih the e-commerce, are able to purchase items seven days a week and 24 hours per day", points out Fabien Rebours. Another fight to come will be the access to Angers down town and specifically the costs of the car parks "which have been doubled in August 2012 during summer break", reminds the Gec president who ask to the city to implement "a true policy" in that field.

If the local store owners may be associated through Mr Rebours to the future city council, its presence could make appear that the retail trade is not the only economical topic which deserves to be part of it. Industry and tertiary are issues that some of the members of the future municipal team could have in charge, while tourism and commerce are fields current town councillors already deal with.

(1) http://www.angersmag.info/VIDEO-Fabien-Rebours-vert-de-rage-_a7647.html

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