01 May, 2012

An island of green and friendship in Angers city

If, with Saint-Aubin island, Angers has a nice nest of wildlife, the inhabitants may find charming places where nature and charm are saved from noise, pollution and crowd. Near the new Desjardins district, a narrow and sinuous path is hidden behind a wooden gate. Once opened, the door lets discover a countryside track. Fences disappear under flowers and fruit trees. The way benefits of the shadow given by the vegetation what adds intimacy and secret.

After the heavy rains of the late days, the place is full of delicate fragances. The pace of the cars has disappeared. There are only the songs of the birds. Little homes surrounded by tiny gardens are visible and their entrances are opened, like an invitation to the walkers for a short time to take benefit of a parentesis of silence and rest. Other places looks like simple gardens for leisures.

The families living there seem eager to keep the place a natural look : the place is a patchwork of little fields planted with wild flowers or vegetables. Apparently few persons know the existence of that place where persons look  to know each others. One of the home displays little wooden boards with English sentences like "Do one thing everyday that makes you happy". So nature is not the only distinctive aspect of the place, the close relationships between its inhabitants are maybe its most valuable quality.

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