06 May, 2012

End of the presidential campaign in Angers between evening and "mourning"

The 2012 presidential campaign ended quietly in Angers on May 6th. Once delivered, the result didn't precipitate in the streets many people even if, by some aspects, that evening was not an ordinary one. In the suburbs of the city reigned the same quiet ambiance as during the ordinary Sundays. Only from time to time some drivers celebrated the outcome with continuous klaxons and warnings. 

For the supporters of former president, the atmosphere wasn't of course lively. A fifty of them were gathered for a drink at the Angers headquarter of the Union pour la république (Ump) in Rabelais street, discreetly monitored by a police car at little distance. But, its maybe in the unofficial gathering that the sadness was the most visible. A group of young people assembled on a balcony at a building on Foch boulevard had opened the windows of the flat from where were highly audible the exerpts of pledges of their leader Nicolas Sarkozy. 

Or course, the ambiance were quite different on Thiers street where supporters celebrated the victory of François Hollande, speeding down drivers and brandishing flags of the elected president. Some neighbours watched the scene some curious and others bothered by the noise. In Ralliement square, the most ugly face of French (political?) mood with people shouting their joy to see Nicolas Sarkozy "ousted". With the return to work on next day, that kind of behaviour will probably diasppear like the electoral documents scattered in pieces on the pavements ready to be swept out as soon as the first hours of the morning.

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